Happiness, Thankfulness, and Peace

All our lives we search for things to make us happy. Relationships, jobs, food, money and a ton of other things that come and go. But that’s the thing- those things that make us “happy” come and go. We jump into relationships and realize that we want more to make us happy. We accept jobs and realize this is not where we want to be. We order food with expectations of how good it’s going to taste as soon as we lift the fork to our mouths and end up disappointed that it did compare to the first time you tasted it. This is when we come to grips that the things that are supposed to make us happy doesn’t do the job anymore. I wonder why?

Happiness is something that comes from within. Imagine going out with your girlfriends for a night on the town. You finally get the chance to let lose. A couple drinks later the fun just oozes out of you. The dancing begins! Moving your hips, shuffling your feet, clapping your hands, raising the roof, and boom you are happy in that moment! Now, what brings that happiness out, not taking those couple drinks into account? It’s you! The happiness and the fun is inside of you! Energy is neither created or destroyed, but simply transferred. That is the basic law of physics but also the basic rule of life.

As long as you continue to wallow in you sadness and misery you will continue to stay in that uncomfortable place. Once you change your mindset all of the things you once did not take into account will be listed as things that make you happy. Wake up everyday and go through a list of things that will always make you happy. For me some good ole’ Motown music makes me smile. Something about that old sound that makes me tap my feet and snap my fingers. Another thing is just being able to mobilize on my own. Can you visualize having to sit in a wheel chair all day and someone else doing everything for you? Brushing your teeth, feeding you, bathing you, picking you up and tucking you into bed. Doesn’t sound fun does it? Millions of Americans are bound to wheelchairs and here we are free to move on our on and not counting that as something to be happy for.

Happiness also goes hand-in-hand with thanksgiving. Change you way of thinking for just one week. Besides complaining, look at the other side of the coin try being thankful and happy for once. Be happy about life as if it is your last day living. Would you want to live your last day on this earth sad, angry, miserable? I know I wouldn’t. Find the little things to be thankful and happy for. Running water, a bed to sleep in, hot meals everyday, breath in your body, all five sense, and all of the other things we take for granted every single day. Thankfulness sparks happiness and happiness aids in inner peace.

It’s all a domino effect. Be happy, be thankful, and the peace will come. Don’t only look happy on the outside but feel happiness on the inside. It is time to take back control of our happiness. I challenge everyone to start with the small things to be thankful and happy for. Write them down, place them in plain sight, recite them out loud and watch how your way of thinking change. Feel the weighs of unhappiness and depression wash away and feel peace enter your spirit.

Don’t you think it’s time to be happy again?

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