Self-love has become such a big topic in the past year. Or maybe I’m just becoming aware what self-love is. Whatever the scenario, I LOVE self-love. To me, self-love is a verb and noun. Webster defines self-love as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. That’s a powerful definition.

Self-love (v) – to love and care for yourself. I’ve learned how to self-love myself in many different ways. From getting my monthly wax, getting my bi-weekly pedi and gel mani, buying cute clothes,  putting the effort into looking stunning before I walk out the door every morning, and doing a few journal entries every now and then. Verb tense of self-love is my favorite. Its a way of catering to yourself without feeling guilty for it. Doing the things for you that makes you feel powerful, happy, and good deep down inside.

Self-love (n) – the visual representation of self-love over you. You should carry self-love around with you every single day. Just like you would carry your ID, debit card, or car keys. Only difference is, its not tangible. It’s just something that is embedded in you at all times. When you walk around you can feel self-love all over and you exude self-love for everyone to see. When walking into your local convenient store the customers will be able to see that you’re happy and glowing, little do they know that glow and happiness stems from self-love. Having a smile that can’t be taken away, having a joy that can’t be shaken. That’s the power of self-love.

“A regard for one’s own well-being and happiness”…

Within the past year, I’ve learned to put my own personal well-being and happiness before anyone else’s. I would always jump when others ask something of me. Giving all that I could possibly give until one day I looked up and I was empty. I had no energy, time, money, or love left for myself. So I quickly made a change. When people asked me to jump I stopped asking, “how high?”. Instead I learned to say no and used that time for me and my needs. Now, I can feel the dire need of some self-love treatment when I get so consumed with life. I carve out some time in my schedule for a day of pampering or a solo lunch date and just cater to me. Choose yourself first, ALWAYS then manage how you lease your time and energy out to others around you.

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