Writing Prompts

All my life I’ve always wrote down the emotions I’m going through or the things that continue to crowd my brain. Most times I start writing and things just spill out that I didn’t even know I was dealing with. Or I will put my feelings into words so beautifully that I didn’t know was possible. Now that I’m older, I thinks its very important for me and others to sift through our emotions, thoughts, feelings, battles, with pen and paper. Or with a keyboard and Microsoft Word or Sticky Notes.

I come across so many amazing blogs from beautiful black women verbalizing their struggles and beauties for the world to see online. As I scrolled through Twitter yesterday laughing my guts out, as usual, and I came across young lady Mel King. She was promoting her new blog post for the month of August which included writing prompts for 31 days titled, #SheHeals. Beautiful prompts for women and men to use to decipher their emotions. I mostly write freely but having prompts keep me focused on a topic and helps me out a lot more.

I encourage you to click the link above or here 🙂 for the #SheHeals journal prompts. You’d be surprised what writing will reveal to you about your self.

Happy Journaling, loves!

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