Girls Trip: The Puerto Rico Takeover

This should have been posted weeks ago but I’ve been so caught up in other things that I keeps slipping my mind.

For the past two years I’ve been trying to use the passport that I purchased and never used. My friends and I take a girls trip every year. I wanted to go to Dominican Republic and others wanted to go to Mexico. I didn’t have any reservations about that, as long as I was able to use my passport, that’s only been used for collecting dust, I would be a happy camper. We finally decided on Cancun and then this ugly orange being with blonde hair decided to put a travel ban in place and scared my friends half to death. UGH! We’re American, I’m more than sure they weren’t trying to ban us. But we ended up choosing a country that is still consider U.S. soil, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Not my first choice but hey, it’s a vacation, so I was all for it. We paid our fees, purchased our outfits, slayed our hair and boarded the plane to embark on our Puerto Rico Takeover.

4 hours later we were walking through the airport reading signs in Spanish trying to figure out what everything means. We picked up the rental car and headed to our hotel. Watching iguanas casually walk the property of CariIMG_5408be Hilton Hotel was a very new experience. The property was beautiful and stretched about 17 acres. Easy to get confused and lost just walking around. Once we were checked in, we freshened up and headed to the closest bar. Walked around the man-made beach that was at our hotel and relaxed. We headed back to the room took a quick nap to prepare for our night of fun.

We asked all the locals to direct us to the places to be for our vacation. Our first stop was Funky Buddha. Cool little place. IMG_5155They offered hookah and decent drinks and the guys were really cute! We stay for a couple hours, took over the small dance floor, enjoyed the sounds of Biggie Small and native music and left. We found a late night restaurant and enjoyed empanadas and mofongo. Which were both delicious.

Next morning (Friday) we had an early rise to do some ATVing. SO MUCH FUN!!!! We got a little lost getting there but once we finally made it we were ready to get down and dirty. We all had on our cute leggings and sports bras. Purchased out bandannas and plastic cases for our cell phones and were ready to ride out. It took less than 15 minutes before we were covered in dirt and mud. Riding through huge ponds of muddy water, mowing down weeds in fields, getting slapped by bushes. It was crazy! We had a ton of fun. Two hours later our shoes were oozing with muddy water. We looked like the Gross Sisters from the Proud family.

Before and after

After cleaning up our muddy mess we grabbed food and went out on the town with the locals. There was a huge block party that apparently happens every Friday in Puerto Rico. There’s a strip of bars and restaurants to enjoy with people dancing covering every inch of the streets. It was enjoyable to see the culture.

Saturday, OMG! We went to brunch at Bistro Cafe. When I say that was the best food of my life, I really mean it! Brunch is our thing. Whenever we all get together we make sure brunch is on the schedule and just because we were in Puerto Rico didn’t change our ritual. The wait for a table was about 40 minutes and it was well worth it. As we waited we pulled up the menu, and of course it was all in Spanish, so we searched Instagram. The pictures were breathtaking. Every single picture looked delicious but once thing really caught my eye; the stuffed avocado. IMG_5261 I wish I could put into words how good it was. The avocado was stuffed with steak, shrimp, tomatoes, and feta cheese, topped with cilantro sauce sitting on a bed of lettuce. Oh My Jesus!!!!!! The steak was cooked to perfection the cilantro sauce was the cherry on top. I would go back to Puerto Rico just to have this meal and go back home satisfied. Everyone else ordered waffle sliders which was also really good. We enjoyed mimosas with 2 bottles of champagne and left Bistro Cafe completely satisfied with no complaint to give.

We headed to the beach after brunch for such a beautiful photo shoot in our white swimsuits and headed for an adventure, the banana boat. I must warn everyone, NEVER ride a banana boat! It’s an inflatable “boat” with no real seats or any seat belts to secure you. All you have is a handle to hold on to for a bumpy ride ahead. We were not prepared for what was to come next. The banana boat is attached to a speed boat and the driver was not merciful at all. We were hitting wave and cutting corners at high speeds trying our best to hold on for dear life to this one little handle. After a couple sharp turns everyone was floating in the middle of the ocean trying to get their barrings to get the courage to get back on this death trap. All of my friends fell off but one. We were begging the driver to take us back to shore. We were defeated! We walked back to our spots on the beach shaking our head in disbelief of what we just endured. Although it was fun, its not what I thought it was going to be. I felt like I was thrown to the wolves. LOL!

Later that evening we enjoyed a nice dinner and we could barely keep our eyes open after being beat down by the banana boat earlier that day. We called it a night very early that day.

Sunday we embarked on our all-day snorkeling cruise. What an adventure it was. Our crew was amazing! We sailed to the middle of the ocean right above reef. We got off the boat and did our snorkeling there. They provided food and drinks afterward and we sailed to enjoy Fajardo Beach for a couple hours. Once every was back on the boat we sailed back to the dock. After all the passengers got a few drinks in their system and the party was on. The crew played music, brought out instruments and the conga line began LOL! It was a lot of fun, unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy it 100% due to vertigo but I still had a lot of fun. We later crossed paths with another boat and had a pirate fight. Our crew gave us water balloon and water guns to fire at the other boat. They played music to set the fight scene and everything. We all cheered as if we won, but I don’t think anyone really won. Every water balloon fell in the ocean or busted before even making it into the other boat. But it was definitely a nice touch to our adventure. If you are ever in Puerto Rico and want to go snorkeling I recommend Catamaran Snorkeling Tours.

That evening we sat on the beach at our hotel to wind down and reminisce on our trip. We were all too tired to gather ourselves to go out on the town.

Monday we packed our things and parted ways as the Puerto Rico Takeover came to an end. Tons of laughs, amazing food, great drinks, nights on the town, meeting new people, and dressing to kill per usual. Our girls trip was a success! Now time to plan for next year 🙂

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