Insecure: Hella Blows Recap

Issa, Issa, Issa… I’m so disappointed in you girl. Oh, let me not forget about Molly. What are y’all doing?! Last nights episode of Insecure had me embarrassed for my girls. So let’s jump right into it.

Women feel so entitled to men all the time and I am guilty of that myself. We feel if we’ve had sex with a man then he’s ours and that’s not always the case. We have to know our role when it comes to these non-relationship situations because we as women, catch feelings for men even when we don’t realize it. Issa and Molly both had to realize their place on last nights episode of Insecure. “Hella Blows” is an accurate title for last nights episodes. The dynamic duo Issa and Molly were both hit with some truth last night and embarrassed themselves while doing it. Issa put herself in some awkward situations and Molly finding out her place in a married mans. Issa wants to have a hoe phase so bad that she’s going to any lengths to get a quick lay. Issa baby, don’t be so desperate.


Issa banged her neighbor a few episodes back, which was awkward as hell, so she decided she would go back for round two. Now here is where she fucks up. Feeling entitled because she’s a woman, Issa gets made up, changes clothes, hypes herself up in the mirror because she is confident she’s about to get her itch scratched, then shows up at this guys front door.. UNANNOUNCED!!! *WHOMP WHOMP* This man was getting the mood right for Miss Thang that was already inside and Issa just messed up his flow and embarrassed herself. Note.. Do NOT show up to a man, who isn’t yours, house unannounced thinking you’re about to hop on and hop off. His parts do not belong to you. 

Still desperate for a quick lay, Issa calls this handsome man she previously went out on a date with and he was FINE!!! He comes over to pick her up for dinner, and what does Issa do? Play the desperate chick yet again. Pulling her shirt down so her whole bra shows and tries to seduce this fine man but he was a gentleman. He didn’t want to just have sex with Issa he wanted to get to know her because he genuinely liked her and she wasn’t having it and told this fine man to leave. UGH ISSAAAA!!!! tits

Now I don’t have room to talk because I’ve been guilty of this too, to some extent. Why don’t women engage with the guys who really like them? The ones who wine and dine us like we should be? That guy is almost always Mr. Perfect. He does everything we want a guy to do to grab our attention. Instead we either don’t want to be bothered or just wanna have a little fun and nothing too serious with Mr. Perfect. Note: Ladies, don’t ignore the good guy, they are few and far in between. Please pay attention to him before its too late. 

Daniel is another good guy for Issa. He’s a fine dark chocolate man with a beautiful smile and he loves her but silly Issa doesn’t see that. She hurt him once last season and this season she’s just playing him like a fiddle. Just trying to get some good strokes out of the situation but you know as usual with women and good men, she doesn’t want anything too serious. She goes to see Daniel and pops off the mood almost immediately. She got some advice from her friends about giving oral sex and decided to try the trick with Daniel for her very first time. Pause! Issa baby, you’ve never tending to a good piece of meat before? Like ever? Wow! Okay. Moving on… so she goes down on Daniel and from what it looked like she was doing her thing he was enjoying it and we all know what penises are capable of, correct? Well, Issa was faced with a huge surprise, literally. Issa wanted to be such a big dawg that she continued to suck until Daniel exploded all in her face. In a normal situation you either spit, swallow, or move out the way when a man has reached his climax while you’re doing your thang giving bomb head. But of course Issa is an idiot! Dude nutted in her eye and she threw a fit. Issa girl, did you no take biology like the rest of us in high school?


Now let’s get to Molly, cause she’s tripping. Her best friend is married but in an open marriage so she decides to mess around with her friend. WARNING WARNING! ABORT MISSION!!! Why didn’t she know this was a bad idea. So she has sex with the friend once, then twice, and then so more and of course now she has feelings for him. They’re laid up in bed, pillow talking, holding hands, caressing each other the whole nine. Of course, his wife calls and he has to leave. Ooop! Molly is now realizing what her place is in a married mans life. What did you expect girl?! They get back to doing their thing she’s in the tub and he’s teasing her with his hands *mind wanders* and yet again, wifey calls. Molly gets in her feelings again and I think she finally realizing she’s the side piece and that’s all she’ll ever be to this manNote: DON’T MESS WITH MARRIED MEN!!!! Come on ladies we have to have more respect for ourselves than to mess with a man already in a committed relationship. In most situations, he never leaves his wife. You’ll always be second best. 

Women want to dibble in the “hoe phase” not realizing there are consequences to that. We want to feel fulfilled in every situation that were in even if we say we just want to mess around. When women don’t get that fulfillment it does nothing but hurt us in the end and before we know it we’ve wasted all this time with sleep around and missed out on Mr. Right who wanted to wine and dine us or the guy who really does love us but we’re too blind to see it. Take note on where you really stand in a guys life and what you really want deep down inside. If you’re already hurt and broken sleeping around doesn’t make it better. This all goes back to loving ourselves. I’m not knocking the hoe phase at all but be aware of the emotional damage that may come from those actions. Don’t be desperate like Issa and don’t fall for a married guy like Molly. Let them be your examples 🙂 

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