Happy Valentine’s Day

The day of love comes at the same time every year and leaves a few people feeling less than. Social media is filled with tweets, snaps, Instagram post, and Facebook statuses of all the single people out there who are admiring, yet hating, on all of the women and men who are being loved on by their special someone. I understand the desire of wanting to be showered with gifts, affection, and wined and dine. You really just want to mean something to someone for just ONE day! But what does it all really mean? Guilty enough, I used to be one of those people who hated Valentine’s Day. I intentionally wore black every February 14th. I thought Valentine’s Day was stupid and pointless because everyone was getting receiving gifts left and right and I was left looking like the lonely friend. After finally receiving Valentine’s Day love and some years a growth, I am now that girl who loves Valentine’s Day. Not because I always have a Valentine these days, but because it is the day of love! Seeing all the guys shouting out their girlfriends, fiances, and wives. Seeing all the women post their gift bags, rose petals trails on the floor leading to a life-size teddy bear. It all makes me smile to see how powerful love can be.

Love heals all!

My daily goal is to exude love so Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to make that happen. I express my love and appreciation to my best girl friends and family on this day to make them feel special. Not only do I make the ones around me feel special but I also make time for myself to feel like the deserving woman I am. Don’t get me wrong, I love the flowers being sent to my job, chocolate covered strawberries delivered to my front door with the cutest love note attached, and dinners at the classiest restaurant in town. It does make your heart smile knowing that someone is thinking of you – but why do we need the attention from others to make us feel special?

Self-love has been prominent in the social media eye over the past couple years. So what better way to love yourself than to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day? Right?! Buy sexy lingerie, cook a nice home-cooked meal, open your favorite bottle of wine, light a few candles around the house, run a nice hot bubble bath and just cater to YOU! Love on yourself this Valentine’s Day. Your ideal night may not end in the heated sexual passion you desire (or you can always please yourself if necessary) but it’s not the end of the world. Valentine’s Day is not the worst day of the year. Make time for yourself, spend time with your family, or make a date with your girlfriends and celebrate “Galentine’s”. Just remember to spread love on the day of love.



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