Black History Month

As February approached the roar of black pride crescendoed on every social media platform. We are used to seeing tributes to Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and all other leaders of the movement that fought for the rights we have as black men and women today. Black History Month is never really a celebration but more so, a reflection of where we’ve come from and show appreciation to our ancestors. But this year’s Black History Month was a little different for all of us. We were being introduced to Wakanda! This was a celebratory experience. The black community has been waiting on Black Panther movie to drop since Thanksgiving so when February struck 12:00am we all came into Black History Month like…


I personal am not a fan of any of those super hero movies. So I sat back and observed all of the die-hearts reviews on opening weekend.

The night Black Panther came out, tons of people went out to see the movie dressed in their colorful African garments and went to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to show their excitement to the world. Man! I’ve never seen anything like it! The support from the black community alone was a memorable moment. This was definitely a moment that every black person should experience, so I finally made my way to the theaters.

The movie portrayed beautiful black people all from different countries in Africa and a host of very strong, young, black actors. The acting and underlying comedy was something WE could identify with. You just sit there in awe and become engulfed in the beauty and the power of the movie. After two hours and fourteen minutes of showtime, everyone was saying, “Wakanda forever” and calling all white people colonizers. I loved it!!! And they say the black dollar doesn’t make a difference. TUH!!


To add to the excitement of Black Panther, I also had the pleasure of attending the 30th Anniversary of School Daze at Atlanta Fox Theater, hosted by Spike Lee himself. This was another beautiful and celebratory experience for the black community. College graduates, both old and young, in their alumni and Greek paraphernalia. Everyone saying all the lines in the movie, dancing in the aisle, singing all the songs. We were all strangers but we were family in that theater and had the time of our lives.

As this month comes to an end it is definitely one for the books. It’s just beautiful seeing black people come together in a space that only we can understand. It’s a space where we are comfortable and un-apologetically us. Where we don’t have to put on our corporate america garments and use our Becky voice for someone to listen to anything we have to say.

February may be our month but Black History is an every day celebration! May our success continue to climb and reach boundaries no one expected.


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