The Revamp

When the year ends you hear a lot of buzz of people creating vision boards and attending vision board parties with their closest friends. Magazine clippings, Elmer’s glue, scissors, poster boards, and glasses of wine with a room full of ambitious peers trying to figure out what they want their new year to consist of.

I used to be one of those people who didn’t understand vision boards. It just looked like a bunch of nothingness glued to a board in an unorganized manner. I went to my first vision board party a few years ago and was still unimpressed. Magazines do not hold my vision for my future so I always found it hard to find things to glue onto my vision board. The ideas that I had were not in those magazines so I started doing my own digital vision boards in 2016. I have goals in mind so I googled pictures that portrays that vision, copy and paste into a Word doc, organized it to look like those glued vision boards that I despise to much and that was it!!! I got hooked to the vision board train!

A vision board is the blueprint of your existence. Who you are, what you want to accomplish, and a road map of how to get there. For the past two years, I’ve accomplished 80-90 percent of things on my vision board so I continued the trend this year. I created a vision board of things I want to accomplish by the end of the year. Opened my Word doc and Google search engine and got to work. At then end I reflect and have a feeling of pride as I walk into the new year.

2018 came and I started to feel unfilled, day after day. So I began writing down things I want to accomplish, outside of the vision board that I’ve already made, and realized how much my goals and dreams changed that quickly. So here it is March, and I have created a new vision board with a new blueprint and road map of my existence for the year 2018. New goals, new dreams, new deadlines all to push me to become fulfilled in my purpose.

Re-set. Re-adjust. Re-start. Re-focus.. as many times as you need to!

I used to feel locked into things I put on my vision board until the end of the year but as humans our wants and needs change regularly. I grew comfortable with readjusting and not feeling guilty about it. It’s okay to start over and a lot of times that’s exactly what we need to reach our full potential, a fresh start. So here’s to vision board number two for 2018. May this blueprint continue to help me build my personal empire.

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