The QUEEN Has Spoken

We all were so excited about Queen Bey performing at Coachella last year and she surprised us with a pregnancy that no one saw coming, and of all things with twins. So of course mama bear couldn’t do an outstanding performance 7/8 months pregnant. But last niiiiiight she gave us a SHOW!!!

Highlighting the HBCU experience. Walking in with her back up dancers who serves as the majorettes, and an outstanding band behind her that gave us that halftime experience. It brought me back to my glory days when I was once dancing in front of the melody of Tennessee State University’s Aristocrat of Bands! But the Queen didn’t stop there. She also brought Greek life to stage. Stepping, pledging, chanting, it was all executed so perfectly.

She sung the Negro Spiritual, played quotes from Malcolm X, swag surfed, leaned with it rocked with it (S/O to all my ATLiens), milly rocked, gave us black girl magic and strutted her stuff for and hour and forty-five minutes straight. Do you think I missed a beat? That’s a hell no! I was up and prepared to have my life taken away with that performance at 2 AM.

Black Twitter were all up collectively amazed and mind-blown. After the performance, I was so full and satisfied and wanting more at 4 AM. What other artist will give you that experience? An Essence Festival performance at Coachella with an audience full of white people. Ahhhh I’m out done.

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