Indeed: A Girls Best Friend

After graduating college in 2015 I had no clue what I wanted to do as far as a career. Al I knew was I had a degree in accounting so I applied for every accounting position I could find until I landed one. Worked there for almost a year and got bored very quickly.  I love the company I worked for and if I was happy while living in Nashville duirng that time, I probably would’ve stayed and for another year and moved up in the company. But my cards didn’t fall that way.

I moved back home to Atlanta and was out of work for about a month. Finally landed another job and it took me all of two days of training to know that I wasn’t feeling it. I made some cool friends who also hated the job like I did so I felt like I had some partners in crime. We were all still going on interviews and walking in to work at whatever hour. But I had goals to accomplish and needed the money so I lasted as long as I could. All of 3 months later I found another job. Almost my dream job! I was working for a company that I’ve always wanted to work for. Although I was a contracted employee I was living the life.

I woke up smiling to go to work every single day. It was an easy 10-15 minute drive down the street so I had it easy. I was bored at this job as well, which I quickly learned is a reoccurring trend with me and jobs, but I enjoyed it so I didn’t really mind. Then things happened with the orange man in the White House and I realized that my contracted position wouldn’t have the potential to go full time. So yet again, I’m in the market for a new job. Indeed and LinkedIn became my new best friends.

At this time, I know in my heart that accounting is becoming boring and I wanted to do something else but since accounting is what I know and what I’m good at, I continue to apply to accounting positions everywhere in the city of Atlanta. Snagged me an interview with a company and everything in my heart was screaming red flags. I talked to my parents and they advised me to go to every interview for practice and because you never know what could happen. Which all sounded great but something in my spirit was telling me to not go on the interview. One because I just didn’t think it was for me and two because I knew I would get the position. Sounds cocky but, it is what it is.

The day of the interview came and I dreaded getting dressed and driving the 20 minutes to get there. I had a GREAT interview, and a week later I got the call saying I got the job. Go figure! As bad as I didn’t want this position, I knew my current contracted position with my dream company was a dead end, so I took the offer. I started my first day and hated it. Ugh!!! I have to learn to start following my first mind. I immediately leaned on my two best friends (Indeed and LinkedIn) looking for anything else!

I was starting to feel bad jumping from job to job until I had a talk with friends and listened to them tell me how they only stay at jobs for a year or two and move on – at that point a light went off. When we as millennial are not happy at a job, we find a way out.. quick! After having that talk with my friends, I read many stories of other young people, like Ashley Blaine from the show Dear White People, going through the same experience. Leaving jobs because they are unhappy or because the job is not in line with the life they want to live. I hear my parents telling me to stay put, wait it out, move up in the company, and I just think about how unhappy I am in my current job that its impossible for me to stay put for that long.

Being unhappy at a job that I spend 80% of my time isn’t a choice for me, but with every trial comes lessons. So I’m staying “still” and being quasi-present in the moment to hear God and figure out what my next step is. I’m taking this season as an opportunity to grow. As I’m trying to get through these work days with a smile I am learning a few things…

  2. Don’t feel bad for leaving a job if you’re unhappy (millennials aren’t staying at companies for 20+ years these days)
  3. Be patient. You learn more about yourself when you’re in an uncomfortable situation)

9 thoughts on “Indeed: A Girls Best Friend

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be 40 this year and I will tell you if I could go back 20 years I’d definitely do things differently. I stayed at jobs just because I felt it was “safer” and in the long run it really wasn’t. If it doesn’t feel right more than likely it is not. Great post!

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  2. angwhitmore says:

    I’ll be 40 this year and I will tell you if I could go back 20 years I’d definitely do things differently. I stayed at jobs just because I felt it was “safer” and in the long run it really wasn’t. I can see you moved on in a lot of cases, however you were smart about doing so. Good for you!

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