Enjoying People for Their Season

Meeting new people can be interesting and yet difficult when it comes to discerning people’s intentions. When you first meet someone, everyone goes through a trial period where you get a taste of their who they are, see how they think, or even their likes and dislikes. Some people you know immediately they are not the right ones to have around and others there’s just a spark you can’t explain. You being to build a bond without knowing if this person has entered your life for a season or is here for the long haul. Me personally, I try not to get comfortable with people because man is not perfect and is liable to disappoint — but it’s human nature to attach to someone when the chemistry is just right.

The talk of energies people give off has been prominent here lately but definitely something important to discuss because you can never be too sure of peoples intentions. You have to adhere to the energies and vibes they give off. Everything could be perfect but if there’s one thing that seems off, LISTEN to those instincts, see those red flags and protect yourself.

In a personal experience of meeting someone who I vibed with immediately, I had to make sure I protected myself at all cost. Although the vibe and connection was perfect, and undeniable might I add, there were some red flags in the midst that put me in defense mode to protect my heart, my peace, and my sanity. I worked really hard to get to where I am in my growth journey and I won’t allow someone to come in and throw it off because I ignored all the clear signs.

When things hit the fan I’m proud to say that I was okay. Although the red flags were there, I allowed myself to enjoyed my experience with another human being while keeping myself protected in the midst. I wasn’t ignoring the flags but instead, I enjoyed that individual for their season. Did it suck that things went left? Yes! But I had no regrets. I had peace in my heart knowing and understanding that some people are temporary.

As the great Nipsey Hussle said, “you can’t possess people, only experience them”.

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