Goodbye Twenty-five.. Hello Twenty-six

As my birthday approaches in the next hour I'm reflecting over this past year. Twenty-five was really good to me. I am a caterpillar in a cocoon. I will soon be a beautiful butterfly, but I'm not in any rush. I don't know how long my metamorphosis will take, but I am going to continue … Continue reading Goodbye Twenty-five.. Hello Twenty-six

Insecure: Hella Blows Recap

Issa, Issa, Issa... I'm so disappointed in you girl. Oh, let me not forget about Molly. What are y'all doing?! Last nights episode of Insecure had me embarrassed for my girls. So let's jump right into it. Women feel so entitled to men all the time and I am guilty of that myself. We feel … Continue reading Insecure: Hella Blows Recap